Memory foam or natural latex?

The choice between memory foam or natural latex is the eternal dilemma of those in search of the perfect mattress. Both are two excellent products, whose peculiarities are similar but have substantial differences to be taken into account.

Material: the first is the aforementioned material, natural memory foam does not exist and those interested in a vegetable product will have to turn to natural latex.

Response to the weight: both are ergonomic but with a different response to the weight, the memory foam will counteract gravity forming a real cast in a few minutes, it will stop the vibrations caused by the bed during a movement thus leaving sleep undisturbed while the latex will tend to respond to the push with an upward stroke. For those who move often, however, this stopping of vibrations could be detrimental, while on the memory foam the movements are slowed down and are less fluid whereas the latex one responds dynamically.

Humidity: both are anti-mite and hypoallergenic but the natural latex mattress tends to accumulate moisture and that is why it needs more maintenance than memory foam.

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Elasticity and maintenance: the latex mattress is very elastic, so as to be able to withstand great pressure without suffering any consequence, recovering its original shape after a few minutes. Only after a long time does it tend to maintain the deformation. Finally, it can be safely tipped over. The memory foam mattress is instead constructed according to a precise structure and, if overturned, it would lose its welcome and the benefits deriving from it. The producers recommend alternating between head and feet.

Duration: the average duration of both mattresses is subjective based on cost, use, and maintenance. An important signal indicating the time to change the mattress is the classic neck ache; in general, the average life of a mattress is around 8 years.

Price: the rates of both are medium-high depending on the product, there are also mattresses sold for memory foam or natural latex that in reality are not, an alarm is their excessively low cost compared to rival offers.

The final advice is to rely on well-known brands, specialized mattress dealers or, if possible, on ‘satisfied or reimbursed’ formulas. In order to try the mattress for whole nights and see if it fully meets all the needs you need. Trying the mattress directly in the store is one of the less useful things in choosing because you don’t give the mattress time to respond effectively to the weight of the body and its movements in the long run.