Sleep better with the right routine

It does not matter if the stress of everyday life causes our thoughts to circle so much that we cannot sleep in the evening or the shifting service prevents the nocturnal recovery – in both cases we are most annoyed the next day and yearn only for the lack of rest hours so fast to catch up as possible. But it’s not that easy: Especially if the individual sleep habits do not allow that. The more routine the daily sleep hygiene is, the greater the chance to start the new day powerfully and in the best mood the next day. ¬† has more information available

 about it.

What has to be considered in order to make optimal use of the nocturnal rest periods, we have put together below:

1. If you cannot sleep at night, you should definitely do without the afternoon nap. The body “anticipates” this rest period to sleep and means at night then not so much to need.

2. In order to be able to slip into sleep comfortably, it is important to move enough during the day. However, you should make sure that this does not happen shortly before going to bed because the activity level is then too high to switch from now on immediately into the sleep mode.

3. Sleeping to reach a certain number of hours is not very effective. You should be more careful not to go to bed until you are really tired.

4. Those who overdo it with alcohol fall asleep quickly, but do not benefit from the same recreational effect as without alcohol. The alcohol avoids diving into the deep sleep phase, which makes you sleep flatter overall, wakes up several times and is dreaming.

5. If the day was very long again, it can be very difficult to adjust the meal times to bedtimes. However, this is very important so that digestion does not disturb sleep. Even if a carbohydrate-rich diet should let the pounds tumble in the evening, it has a negative effect on the quality of sleep.

6. You should ban the TV, notebook, and tablet from the bedroom. Not only that they maintain the stress level, no, their bluish light also prevents falling asleep.